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The AMU Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences (FPCS AMU) is one of the largest centres of psychology and cognitive science studies in Poland, with 67 staff members, 40 PhD students and about 1500 M.A. students.

FPCS AMU offers three-year B.A., five-year M.A. and four-year PhD programmes in Psychology and in Cognitive Science. It is also authorized to confer postdoctoral (’habilitation’) degrees in Psychology and in Cognitive Science.

FPCS AMU has a long history, numerous research achievements and extensive experience in teaching. The wide scope of research projects carried out by the staff members and the range of courses taught is reflected by the list of FPCS AMU departments:

Action and Cognition Laboratory

Centre for Research on Frontier Questions

Department of Cognitive Psychology

Department of Foundations of Psychological Research

Department of Health Psychology and Clinical Psychology

Department of Logic and Cognitive Science

Department of Developmental Psychology

Department of Personality Psychology

Department of Social and Clinical Sexology

Department of Work and Organizational Psychology