Psychological support for AMU employees and students

Wersja polska / English version / Русская версия / Українська версія

Psychologists and psychotherapists from the Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of the Adam Mickiewicz University offer the free psychological support and consultation for employees and students of Adam Mickiewicz University who are having a hard time due to the coronavirus pandemic or aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, feeling lonely and fear. We would especially like to support AMU students from Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries in the East. Psychological help can also be provided to volunteers helping migrants. Psychological support and consultation are available in the form of phone calls. The expected talk time is up to 45 – 69 min, and the maximum number of meetings is 5 per semester. Please get in touch with specialists according to schedule.

The calendar is updated at the beginning of each week.

Poniedziałek / Monday / понедельник / Понеділок – 20.06, 27.06
Lidia Cierpiałkowska (język polski)14:00-15:00728 998 292
Wtorek / Tuesday / вторник / вівторок – 21.06, 28.06
Olga Babicheva (język ukraiński i rosyjski / Українська мова / Русский язык)15:00-16:00660 225 645
Środa / Wednesday / среда / середа – 22.06
Tomasz Czub (język polski)16:00-17:00661 347 481
Czwartek / Thursday / четверг / четвер – 23.06
Anna Słysz (język polski)11:00-12:00601 161 266
Piątek / Friday / пятница / П'ятниця – 24.06, 01.07
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