Leszczyńska, D. (2007). The Method of Socratic Proofs for Normal Modal Propositional Logics. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM.

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Chapter 1
The Method of Socratic Proofs for Classical Propositional Calculus

1.1. Notation
1.2. Erotetic Calculus E*
1.2.1. Language L*
1.2.2. The Rules of E*
1.2.3. Semantical Invertibility of Rules
1.3. A Right-Sided Approaeh: Calculus E**
1.3.1. Language L** and the Rules of E**
1.3.2. Semantical Invertibility - Semantieal Duality
1.4. The Method of Socratie Proofs and Inferential Erotetic Logie

Chapter 2 Erotetic Calculi for NormaI Modal Propositional Logics

2.1. Language M*
2.1.1. Syntax of M*
2.1.2. A Bit of Semantics
2.1.3. Questions of M*: An Intuitive Account of Socratic Transformations
2.2. The Rules of Calculi EL. Socratic Transformations via the Rules of EL
2.2.1. Calculus EK
2.2.2. Calculi EL
2.3. Semantical Invertibility of the Rules of EL. Soundness
2.4. Modal Erotetic Calculi and Inferential Erotetic Logic

Chapter 3 Completeness of Modal Erotetic Calculi

3.1. Paths of Soeratic Transformations
3.2. Permanently Unsuccessful Sequents
3.3. Complete Socratie Transformations
3.4. Countermodels

Chapter 4 Related Work

4.1. Sequent Calculi
4.2. Tableau Systems
4.3. Rasiowa-Sikorski Deduction Systems
4.4. Naturai Deduetion
4.5. Labelled Deductive Systems

Final Remarks
List of symbols
Index of names
Subject index

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