Open positions on Responsible Artificial Intelligence at Umeå University

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Both positions are fully covered by a grant from the Wallenberg Foundations. The PhD student will be affiliated with the WASP-HS graduate school (

Application deadline: 15 August 2020

The research group in Responsible AI is led by prof. dr. Virginia Dignum and was established to study the ethical and societal impact of AI,  through the development of tools and methodologies design, monitor, and develop trustworthy AI systems and applications.
Our research is not only about the development of intelligent systems, but also in understanding the effects of their deployment on our societies. We are working to ensure the ethical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), both through public engagement and frequent interaction with policymakers,
and by facilitating the engineering of Responsible AI. Our multidisciplinary research programme aims to help all relevant actors to have access to the means and tools to develop, deploy, operate, and govern systems, while taking any ethical, legal, and socio-economical implications into consideration.

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