High quality of research conducted at IP AMU is evidenced by publications by staff members in renowned journals, organisation of and participation in international conferences, scholarships grants awarded to staff members, membership in professional societies and academic bodies.
Main areas of research include:

  • Research methods in psychology.
  • Methodological, social and ethical context of scientific research.
  • Regulating functions of various personality categories as well as personality development and diagnosis.
  • Developmental psychology, psychology of lifelong education, health psychology, developmental neuropsychology and clinical psychology of children and youth.
  • Testing the assumptions of salutogenetic and pathogenetic model: research into health resources as well as risk factors of mental disorders.
  • Organizational behaviour; work attitude, psychological contract, management of organization, career development, woman and work, organizational culture.
  • Psychology of cognitive processes: mechanisms of consciousness, mechanisms of defence against distraction, thinking and problem solving, development of child’s 'theory of mind’, the emotion-cognition relationship
  • Diagnosing process and methods: mechanisms taking place during examination, diagnostic decision making processes and psycho diagnostic skills, content analysis, narration and self narration, utilization of computers in diagnostic procedure, individual differences, methodology of qualitative research.
  • Development of adults and interpersonal communication in family, developmental changes in adolescence and adult life and functioning of couples in close intimate relations, problems of development and communication in adolescence, problems of functioning and development in families with mentally handicapped children, singlehood and its conditioning.
  • Interpersonal communication and psycholinguistics
  • Formal methods in cognitive science: logic of questions, Turing test and web security, formal analysis of reasoning (current project: Internal Question Processing)
  • Cognitive linguistics: participation in Polish CDS Corpus, a part of Child Language Data Exchange System
  • Neural basis of visual and tactile control of simple manual actions, lateralization in healthy brain, planning and controlling of the use of tools
  • Consciousness, usability, action-perception research
  • Representations of gestures: perception and imitation
  • Language function and praxis in brain

Wydział Psychologii i Kognitywistyki UAM

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